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Tonight I leave for home.  I’ve been in Israel for just over two weeks, leading a group from the Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church of Minnesota.  The pastor of the Church is a dear friend, Ronn Johnson, and it’s been a delight to be with him and about 27 of the folks from his church.  They have worked hard and I believe they have learned much.  It’s been hot, but that has not stopped this intrepid band of pilgrims from doing what is necessary to learn this land, to more effectively equip themselves to know the narrative of the Scripture, and thus to know and cherish the God who has revealed Himself in that narrative.  It’s been a really good trip.


But it is always good to head for home.


I am planning to lead three study trips to Israel next spring, and before those trips I will be with the Master’s College Chorale for their quadrennial pilgrimage to the Land.  There are those who have expressed interest in joining one of the study trips that God has graced me to arrange and lead, and so I thought it wise to make the information concerning those trips available at www.bookmanministries.com.   


Click the tab entitled “Israel Trips,” and the information for each of the trips is accessible under the appropriate date.  At this point some of the details are still being worked out – most notably the air arrangements and the final price. (The airline industry will not issue a quote until 11 months before the return date of trip.) But it is good to start planning for a trip of this sort as early as possible.  So if you and/or yours are interested, please take a look at the appropriate Fact Sheet and let me know what questions you might have.

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